Life Matters. When in Doubt Ask

Hello, I’m George Banez. I love sharing what I’ve learned about life from my personal experience, mentors, books and from traveling.

As the youngest in a family of four very independent kids I expected to ask the questions. Instead, at age-12, I found myself making “suggestions” and telling my older siblings what to do on love and relationships, topics I have only read about. That surprised me too.

Years later, living in Japan as an international student I continued to dispense advice to whoever would quiz me on those tricky personal and cross cultural dilemmas. I was clueless that even with perfectly good intentions and tact, my total honesty could make some cry. Often feeling good for having “helped” those in need, I would later discover that my “advisees” had become more distressed from hearing my brutal words of wisdom.

With more experience, and having lived in three continents, I turned my love of travel, cultures, meeting people and giving my two cents into a job. I recruited students from other countries to train as international interns to a non-profit organization here in Florida. I instructed them about life in the US and “taught” them how to be successful plant and environment science researchers (which was my academic training).

Since then, I’ve continued to share with the world knowledge I’ve gained from my sometimes-comical experience dealing with people of different backgrounds, ages and capacities. As consultant, I now also advise organizations, and occasionally, government agencies on how to raise money through grants from local, national and international funding sources. How fun!

Here are fact and experience-based articles my friends and I have written on living life in transition, in a society that is difficult to understand or on LIFE in general. Feel free to chime in, and engage us with queries.

I’d be happy to provide you information on consulting, grant writing, training, and coaching services I offer to individuals, non-profit leaders, and organizations.