About Me

Is it possible to combine a love of humanity, science, history, artistic expression and fundraising?

 A recruiter once referred to my career as “blended.” YES!  And I also say “free spirited” and “category-free.” I am proudest of my experience managing my mother’s care. But I believe that labels exist only for the convenience of classification and easy recall.

 Attention to details, or specialization, matters to me as much as “big picture” thinking.  Because solutions to real-world problems await discovery beyond dichotomies like — scientific or social, and environmental or economic. Answers can only come from integration of knowledge and collaboration among specialists.

What I do:

* As an author, I write to promote diversity, and demonstrate how it benefits society and the environment. And to give voice to immigrants and others in fringes, I gather stories of resilience and share my own to foster mutual understanding and appreciation of cultures.

* As an independent consultant and  grant writer, I work with non-profit organizations in raising funds to support programs and accomplish their mission.   I commit to causes important to me, like providing services to the marginalized or those with disabilities, the fight for equal rights, environmental protection, and the arts. Often, the work involves getting organizations “grant-ready” first to become competitive.

* Trained in Biology, Eco-physiology, Environmental Science, Policy, and Non-Profit Management, I conduct research and advocate for science, communication and environmental conservation. Years spent educating students and museum visitors alike allow me to indulge my passion in studying and teaching biodiversity, forests, and ecosystems.



*Together with Dr. Theresa Del Tufo, I documented inspirational immigrant stories in a motivational book, “Beyond the Golden Door, The Resilience of Today’s Immigrants.”  The book reminds us immigrants, and non-immigrants alike, that a successful life in a new world is attainable.

In science

*Realizing the extent of global biodiversity loss and the complexity of the problem, the need to integrate natural and social sciences to effectively conserve biodiversity for present and future generations became clear to me.

As Project Consultant for UNDP Philippines, I helped the government and environmental non-profit organizations access funds from the Global Environment Fund (GEF). I prepared the grant application to enable the country to conduct National Biodiversity Planning to support the implementation of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) 2011-2020 Strategic Plan.

*The science projects I developed and implemented also included “Action Research.” I engaged the community in data collection, monitoring, and the application of the scientific research findings.

As project leader I led a team hunting plants that can be used in technologies to restore abandoned or active mining sites.   It was important to identify plants that can indicate, even to non-scientists, the presence of heavy metal pollution in soils. This served two purposes: (1) alert would-be subsistence food farmers of potential health risks in cultivating contaminated mine sites; (2) provide environmental managers with candidate species of plants that can potentially take up heavy metals in soils to clean up and rehabilitate the site.