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“Solo Power, How to Harness The Secret Energy of Living Alone”
by Dr. Theresa Del Tufo

Do you know that close to 50% of people in Manhattan live alone? This stunning statistic is not an isolated but a worldwide phenomenon. Solo Power was written for the 32 million Americans who live alone and who are in search of happiness. Dr. Del Tufo takes us on a journey of self discovery as she explores the happiness, the challenges and the transition phases of the solo fliers she interviewed. Insights and integration from great thinkers, such as Martin Seligman’s Happiness Formula, Stefan Klein’s thesis on how to use the brain to make us happy, and the wisdom of Eastern Tradition are all reflexively interwoven into the happiness tapestry. What comes out are patterns—patterns of behavior that can be replicated by anyone who chooses to lead a happy and fulfilled life and a revelation that the Power is within all of us.


The Fullness of Nothing- Discover the Hidden Joy that Surrounds You”
by Dr. Theresa Del Tufo


Are you happy? How can you be happy and stay happy? The secret of happiness is explored in this book, and the message of the book is the revelation that happiness is available to everyone.

The book offers short nuggets of wisdom on how to be happy by adopting simple and practical habits that can affect positive behavior and develop a lifestyle of well-being and happiness. You can animate your life with happiness by adopting eastern spiritual traditions— ancient values and principles that have been universally-accepted and practiced by world religions and spiritual traditions, from Buddhism, to Taoism, to Christianity. The book also profiles the collective wisdom of ordinary and typical folks who have been successful in finding and sustaining happiness. Another section explores the seven habits of happy people and how their time-tested experiences have brought about a heightened awareness of life’s goodness and abundance. The final section concludes with suggestions on how to lead a balanced life to achieve enduring happiness.

The book is intended to be a companion  to SoloPower: How to Harness the Secret Energy of Living Alone, also published by Motivational Press.